Primary Features

Responding to the needs of the market is not just a dental software. It is a complex practice management solution for the whole clinic including effective management tools, aid for dentists, platform for the front and back office.

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Dental planning in minutes

Attract more patients with's quotation. It includes a detailed treatment plan that gives clients a clear oversight of the planned steps with graphical aid for better understanding - increasing your case acceptance rate.
Planning is core component of system providing detailed information to other modules like recall and dental tourism avoiding repeated data entry.

X-rays, attachments can be connected and synchronised with several X-ray software systems into which patient's data are automatically transferred and synchronised upon modification.
The images are automatically linked to the right patient, i.e. there is no need to manually transfer them from the X-ray software.
Other patient documents (photos, certificates, declarations) can be easily uploaded or scanned into the system, where they can be tagged and organised.

Dental files, insurance codes

A treatment file is used to register the interventions already performed. As in the planning phase, the related graphical display changes synchronously. The module is also connected to the quotation function: elements from a treatment plan are easy to transfer to the dental file. The system also allows for deviations from the planned process; in fact, several quotations can be used for treatment documentation. The module is able to handle various insurance codes like: French CCAM, German HKP, Swiss SSO.

Patients' timeline helps to increase the level of care with a chronologically organised list of events which contains every recorded detail about the patients.
Nonetheless to say that information, notes and milestones can not be forgotten making effortless to catch up for later visits.
This information is also available separately for each area.

Dental lab

Taking into consideration the hassle and communication issues between laboratories and dentists offers an adjustable solution emphasized on team work for both parties. Laboratory processions can be scheduled and indicated in order to handle ship date, due date and cases entered in one place visually reinforced with a Gantt chart and time flow of events.

Multi language

The program supports multiple languages in two levels. First the patients are able to get their dental files in their own language while the system can be operated in the user's language. This feature increase the acceptance of the offers and decrease the time spent on educational matter. While the documentation do not necessary require knowledge of additional languages.

Multi site scheduling

Appointments can be made in a comprehensive but transparent calendar system that shows dentists’ schedules as well as the utilisation of treatment rooms at various locations. In dental companies with several sites, this function guarantees an oversight of who works where and when. The system also allows for registering which dentist is on or off-duty and supports making appointments with specific dentists online.
Providing automatic SMS or e-mail reminders to the patients reducing the no-show rate of your clinic.

On-line booking, patient area

A short registration form, a fully automatic online appointment booking and organised information basis is provided to your patients where they are able to find their X-ray images, CT-scans and other documents approved by the the clinic's staff. Supports X-ray labs also.
This extension is also available as a plugin to an existing web page. saves you time and energy by letting the patients to book appointments for themselves with no restrictions of open hours.
This module is prepared to the incoming international moderation of GDPR.

Patient Relation Management

Within the integrated PRM function most processes are automated, including the following: sending SMS and e-mail to patients, identification of phone calls, management of dropped calls.
Also, phone calls can be initiated.
Authorised users can send out data to corresponding patient (quotations, X-ray and CT images, lab reports) with the click of a button.
Importing incoming e-mails and text messages and assigning them to patients is just as easy.
Consult our technician about the system requirements.

Dental tourism

Our integrated system provides all necessary patient related information so that administrative officers do not have to consult several sources for the required data.
They can follow up and manage the logistic and the financial view of the patient transportations between airports, hotels and dental offices. Hotel room reservations can also be managed. Consequently, chauffeur services can be easily coordinated with treatment schedules.

Inventory, stock management has a built in tracking system which is able to follow inventory levels, utilisation of items and minimal requirement of given product.
The goal was to make easier the stock taking and the management of dental tools in the clinic's life. Consequently you are able to create orders based on the minimal requirements of each stock that can be connected to a dentist or a treatment room even in different geographical locations.

Sophisticated recall

Recall module collects the data from the whole system, analyzes them and creates selectable lists by different filters, preferences and methods. The results could be the base of a simple reminder, an active patient coordination task or a marketing campaign via the tasks and events module.
This module is an effective platform of re-care management, helps to optimize the booking availability of the clinic, and increases the number of active patients and revenues.

Task and event management

Organise and prioritise your to-dos and memos. provides you a versatile tool which is capable to follow through the clinics procedures in a smart way helping you self-administering your tasks and manage patient coordination with the addition of notifications.
This automation and built in guidance result less administrative work and better focus on patient care.

Role control

Manage your sensitive data with ease in Establish account types by roles and locations or personalise further the rights of a certain accounts in order to enhance their work with the appropriate platform.
On the other hand feel safe that unauthorised users are not able to access sensitive patient or financial data.

Business statistics

The system provides detailed information to managers and officers on the work performed in the company. It offers financial statistics about performance, helps follow up the evolution of the clientele and appointments by patient groups, and allows for monitoring the volume of related services including even the hotel room reservations.

Multi currency invoicing

The connected online invoicer™ program - driven by the system - supports multiple languages and currencies, advance and discount invoices, as well as several payment methods within the same invoice. It also supports health insurances. The program identifies current exchange rates automatically. The system supports cash handling and helps book-keeping through periodical reports and accounting data exports.

Dental agencies provides comprehensive support and special access to dental intermediaries and agencies within the system.
On the top we offer controlled and synchronised data flow to and from the existing CRM systems of those partners ensuring the efficient cooperation.

Multi site is ideal for dental businesses with several treatment rooms in different sites because the system is able to divide the clientele and differentiate between unlimited facilities as well as manage them as a whole for the business owners and managers.
All modules are designed to work with multiple sites with additional features.

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For innovative dentists

In we understand that as a 'one man show' you have to solve most of the daunting tasks alone.
We configured our product to give a helping hand to you.
Let save time and energy, while you are able to focus on your patients.

For growing clinics

You do an awesome job but still lack of something. You feel like that your staff could work more efficiently...
Then it is high time to give them boost with Take your quality time with your patients to increase satisfaction. Satisfied patients are more likely to bring referrals for you to reach new markets and system assists you to succeed.

For Enterprise level

Larger organisations require sophisticated features and high level of customisation. We have 18 years of reference in developing solutions and work as an effective component for clinics with multiple dental offices around the world.
We have specialized team to solve unique needs. In addition rebranded solution is also available for franchise networks.

Contact our specialists for further discussion about the possibilities.

Avoiding repeated data entry and easy access to information in the system were very important design goals.


We believe that is more than a logically compiled system of complex programs.
Our dental office management system rests on three pillars: professional software development complemented by customer service and practice management experts.

As consists of several specialized and carefully harmonized components, stable customer support is indispensable to its smooth operation. We are proud to maintain personal and direct relations with our customers.
We help them use system every day, acting as intermediaries between users and developers or system engineers.


This plan is designed for our customers for whom the support requests occur rarely and technical guidance is solved in-house.

Our monthly license fee includes 1 hour of support. With you will not need to stock pile your requests or questions. 18 years of constant development made the system naturally understandable and easy to use. Also your free hours are not wasted if you would not need to use them – just stack them up and redeem as a training for your staff!
Additional support hours are quoted hourly according to your contract.


This plan is designed for our customers for whom the support availability is business critical and who require additional technical guidance or frequently ask for custom features.

Premium support provides access to team of experts with priority call center. We do not use an automatic operator with ages of waiting time. You are easily get in touch with someone who would like to solve your problem. Supported via remote desktop and configuration you are guaranteed to be satisfied. In fact requests for custom features become available.

Monthly or annual flat rates are available.

If you are unsure you can get advice from our support team to help you in decision making.
For additional information contact us:

Support hours are between CET 9-17 by default or expanded in individual contracts.

Support in English, French or German language. management software gives dental practices the necessary tools to increase revenues and profitability.


To increase the skills of our clients' staff and reach the best performance available via system, we frequently organize trainings made by our specialists.

Basic system training

Learn the basics of through webinars and on-site trainings. First steps with the software is guided by our experienced trainers.
Give a kickstart with the new system to your staff!

Advanced system training

If you become familiar with the system already. Next step is to become an advanced user with deep knowledge of your system. We help you to explore all the advantages that provides you.

Financial module training

Take control over your financial data: we help you with managing your sales activity, billing and insurance control. Learn how to use the advanced features in order to increase profitability.

System requirements is a fully flexible online system making dentists, doctors and surgery/clinic support staff's work much easier by utilising the latest web-based technologies.
We have no strict restrictions: our solution runs on Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems - as well as on mobile devices (iOS, Android) - requiring just a standard web browser to operate our system without the need for Office or any other application.