About us

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A close community where everyone is a true individual and where diversity is not a disadvantage, on the contrary.

However, we have one thing in common: our belief in the software and our will to act.

The members of our team have excellent knowledge in both the IT and healthcare fields, but this alone would not be enough to create real value and continuously innovate.

We believe that mutual trust and the same set of values can help us through any critical situation and we can gain an advantage from our experience and openness to the world.

This attitude is also reflected in our partner relationships, which go beyond official business negotiations. Our innovative solutions are attracting the attention of like-minded, development-oriented clinics. We turn to each of our partners with support, be it a small practice or a complex healthcare institution.

We know that time is the greatest luxury and automation is the future, so we develop our system with this in mind, bring state of the art solutions and create a balance between the digital world and people.

And what do we do when we are not working on the development of our system?

We are constantly learning and bettering ourselves, recharging our batteries, having meaningful conversations and building our team with the help of the now key accessories: extra spicy Vietnamese food and smoky whisky :)