Practice management

Supporting management decision-making and controlling

The data that can be extracted from the operational processes serve the improvement of the business and provide guidance during strategic planning.

Marketing support

Targeted marketing strategy based on the real data of the clinic. You can explore the areas that need improvement with the help of the statistical results and you can amend by running targeted campaigns.

Unfinished treatments, missed check-ups and many other filters help you list patients and support call center colleagues in effective patient recall activities. Our modules help optimize the bookings of the clinic, thus increasing the number of active patients and the income of the clinic.


The system displays in details the turnover of the clinic, the utilisation of dentists and treatment rooms. You can track the treatments, the number of appointments as well as the turnover of the clinic and the efficiency of the dentists.

It lists the patients in debt, the no show appointments, the patient registrations, the results of the marketing campaigns and the activities of the patient coordination colleagues. The data can be filtered by patient groups, dentists, clinic locations, invoicing companies or even treatment groups. The most popular functions are the financial statistics that show the profit and loss of the clinic, which help managers make strategic decisions and create financial plans and forecasts.

  • turnover of the clinic
  • utilisation of dentists and treatment rooms
  • performance based reports
  • patient registrations
  • appointment statistics
  • treatments
  • measuring the efficiency of marketing campaigns

Debt lists

You can track your accounts receiveable and unpaid treatments and schedule their completion so that no transaction misses your attention.

  • real time debt report
  • list of unused advance payments
  • handling of advance payments
  • handling of incoming wire transfer payments

Dentist salaries

The system can handle multiple different salary calculation metrics. Due to the custom setting possibilities the salary calculation will not rid you of time. Let it be a fixed amount or percentage based commission, does the job quickly and transparently.

  • cutomizable salary calculation for each dentist
  • percentage-based / fixed amount commission
  • dental lab and material cost calculation
  • overhead expenses


The clinic's complete traffic records are available in the system and the financial reports are supported by the communication between the different modules. Manage multiple, parallel reports and we will help you answers questions that affect the success of your business.
You get a comprehensive picture about the total expenditure and income as well as the net profit for any period without the need for Excel sheets.

To make your accountant's job easier, we can prepare any accounting export compatible with any accounting software.

Stock management

Our Storage management module allows you to keep track of individual products, making them easy to locate, so you can ensure the continuous availability of the necessary materials and tools you need for your treatments. You can easily track stock levels and material usage. You can create main warehouses, additional local storages as well as dozens of mobile storages.

Our aim is to make inventory and dental equipment and material management as simple as possible for the clinic. This means that orders can be created automatically for products that reach the minimum stock level and stocks can be linked to a single dentist or treatment room even at different locations.

You are presented with a detailed report of the quantity and total value of the materials used for any given period.