Dental tourism

The dental tourism market is an important aspect of dentistry. Many patients are price-sensitive and willing to travel for better-priced and higher-quality treatments. A significant proportion of dental clincics decided to treat foreign patients.

The logistical and financial aspect of the patients' journey between the airport, hotel and clinic can be tracked and controlled.

We must not forget the fact that our foreign visitors want to complete their dental treatments in conjunction with tourism interests. That is why the quality of the service offered, i.e.'s solutions, is extremely important.

I have been working with you for 8 years, I like the team a lot.

I am 100% satisfied with the support. For real.

Compared to other systems it is a lot more flexible and logical.

My favourite functions: the payment module, I can issue an invoice very quickly. Treatment plans and dental files are easily manageable. The main page today's schedule is transparent.

I appreciate the cooperation with you and the Webflow team really much. When you have a partner who shares the same ideas and vision, and it is future orientated it is a a big pleasure and privilege to work together.

I wanted a software that I could build on and that I do not have to change in 5 years. I founded the future progress with this good system.

Very well thought out, versatile software. It is highly customizable. It facilitates and even induces the structured operation of the clinic.

It does not seem cheap for smaller clinics in the beginning, but in reality it is worth the price. It happens often that the patients or my clients are impressed by the proficiency of the system.

It is very logically structured!

We can always count on your support, I am very much satisfied.

- Do you find webflow user friendly?

- Absolutely.

- Why?

- I am familiar with the other softwares.

I have used several healthcare management systems, and compared to them, webflow is much more modern.

It is reassuring that I know I can always reach you. If it is an urgent issue, you solve it immediately. When the task is not urgent, we get a timely solution as well. It is rare that the management of our issues is slower than we would like (but in such cases we will let you know - and then things are usually on track).

I chose webflow out of the thousand international systems.

The new colleagues can learn it quickly, it is comprehensive as well.

I think that you took the right decision - to grow! This is the only right way. You have to offer something that is good and brings a lot of benefits to the other and you have to share it with the world.

The text message sending function is genius!

There is no need to maintain a larger warehouse, paper-based documents ceased to exist.

The dentist salary calculations are working, and I have to say, pretty well!

I used 2 other softwares so far, this one is better than those.

Before implementing the Stock management module of webflow, 12 colleagues worked in the storages. Now we only have 2.

It is impossible to make a mistake in this software!

I like the fact that you can upload X-rays and pictures, and that the program automatically uploads the images from the X-ray software.

It was my best decision to choose you as a partner.

I like the work with you and the team, and I like the results we get from this cooperation. I think this leads to improvements on both sides and this is just great.

The payment module is very transparent, I can easily spot mistakes. And the Statistics make our work a lot easier.

There are a lot of possibilities for improvement in front of us, we improve and develop each day and this is the key to success.

Helpful, quick response, excellent problem solving.

100% satisfied, even I can use it as a very untechnical person.

It is more transparent for the patient, especially the different options.

They always do everything on time for me, they are kind, they do their work precisely.

This allows us to solve situations much more flexibly than what we have used so far.

You can even learn to use webflow even if you are not the most technically skilled person.

It is very good that if the patient comes to see more than one doctor, the system indicates that they need to be sent to another doctor, as well as if someone is late for their appointments.

I always recommend it to everyone, because it's really good, and because I'm happy to return all the help we get from you.

In fact, I have already recommended it. I am completely satisfied with it, that's why I recommended it.

It's comprehensive, I can use it for everything I need for my work.