Medical administration

Detailed planning and fast documentation

We know that the life of the clinic is full of challenges and deadlines. We can facilitate the smoothness of the processes by making everyday administrative tasks easier and by putting the completed treatment plans and documents into a form that is easy for the patients to understand.


The booking process is very simple, and the display of appointments is transparent and can be customized even in case of joint management of several clinics.

There is no need to enter redundant, duplicated data. After registering the patients, only a few clicks are needed for a successful booking. In this way, efficiency and the scheduling of treatments can be easily optimized. Booking an appointment for multiple different clinic sites does not cause any problems either, not even when your colleague schedules the appointment while they are out of the clinic.

  • real-time overview of the appointments of all clinic locations
  • managing the reservation of several sites simultaneously
  • customizable display
  • clinic utilization monitoring
  • smart schedule board
  • managing the dates of meetings and trainings
  • mobile phone calendar synchronization
  • working hour setting

Patient registration

Keep track of your daily tasks without pressing a single button.

It is not necessary to search for patients coming for treatment on a given day, because the system helps you with your daily work by arranging them in a list on the main page. Your colleagues can mark the patients as 'arrived to the clinic' status, thereby automatically notifying the dentist and providing the opportunity to reduce uncomfortable waiting times.

  • real-time, dynamic daily appointments
  • location of patient within the clinic
  • actual status of patient: late, arrived, waiting, in the chair, paying, left, no-show
  • warning about missing patient data e.g. address, insurance number of the patient

X-ray/ CT scan integration

You may need to view the X-ray images during the planning phase or the treatment itself. You do not need to switch interfaces or open a new page with several clicks. X-ray images of your patient can be opened immediately while editing the treatment plan and dental file, and it is even possible to open several images at the same time. Our software can be integrated with all imaging devices, so you can launch images and scans directly from the system.

  • automatic data and image synchronization between the device and even spanning several sites
  • can be started directly from the patient's profile
  • it is not necessary to save and upload manually
  • X-ray/CT scan analysis on a secondary screen or TV
  • sending X-rays via e-mail
  • access via online patient portal


Documentation collected, categorized and organized on one interface. Themed histories, before/after pictures, sorting incoming documents into an automated, digital patient file.

  • attachment upload and download
  • sending documents via e-mail with a click
  • importing attachments from an e-mail
  • categorization
  • viewing on a secondary screen
  • encrypted sending
  • automated scanning

Treatment plan

Complete your treatment plan in 4 minutes. You can find all the necessary functions on one screen: medical history, diagnosis, X-ray images, plan templates, treatment packages. List your alternative treatment options within one plan, providing the opportunity for the patient to choose.

  • viewing X-rays on the same screen
  • easy management of multiple languages and price lists
  • visual representation of multi-visit treatment plans
  • addition of healing period for patient recall
  • creation and usage of treatment packages
  • automatic addition of linked treatments e.g. in case of implantation the consultation, CT scan, medicine package, abutment and crown addition is automatic
  • providing options within the same plan e.g. metal ceramic or zirconium crown
  • proper administration for health insurance companies - German, French, Swiss codification
  • creation and usage of template plans
  • automatic attachment of consent forms and guarantee texts
  • treatment plan sending via e-mail
  • electronic signature of plans

Dental file

In, you only need to compile the treatments once. The system helps you prepare the documentation of your treatment with automated solutions based on the accepted treatment plan saving you valuable time. In case of several visit treatment plans, you can monitor the extent to which the plans are realized during the treatment process. We help with scheduling and improve the efficiency of the clinic.

  • import status and treatments from an accepted plan
  • permanent display of anamnesis
  • management of warranty treatments considering the financial aspects


The EHR, the Electronic Health Record, is becoming mandatory in more and more countries. The patients' medical history can be accessed in a unified electronic system, supporting the quick diagnosis, appropriate interventions and medication treatments of the patients. If your clinic is obligated to do e-health reporting, our system will automatically upload the completed documents and prescriptions to the appropriate platform, thus avoiding unnecessary duplicate data entry. Contact our staff about the possibilities!

  • e-health
  • automatic document upload
  • electronic prescription
  • electronic specialist recommendation and prescription of medical aids
  • verification of insurance status of the patient

Stock management

The system automatically records some of the material usage at the same time the treatment is documented.

  • material usage administration that can be adjusted to the stock management structure of the clinic
  • minimum stock level definition
  • barcode/QR code reader usage
  • real-time stock level information
  • material and asset movement tracking
  • automatic material consumption based on dental file
  • LOT number registry
  • administration of suppliers

Smart lab worksheet

Transparent and digital worksheet instead of the usual paper-based one, with its own interface for dental technicians.

You can administer the needed lab works in one worksheet, even when they are addressed to different dental labs, and assign deadlines to each work. The process is faster and more accurate with the usage of the electronic worksheets without the loss of information.

  • works of several dental labs can be managed within one worksheet
  • calendar appointments for try-ins and handovers
  • display of dentist's schedule and capacity
  • automatic assignment of technical parameters
  • assignment of QR code/barcode to dentures
  • administration of the transfer of goods and material usage
  • stock level tracking
  • automated status and treatment synchronization
  • automated unit count, implant units are counted separately
  • synchronization with the 'Dental lab works' module

Dental lab works

The Dental lab works module operates in complete symbiosis with the units of the clinic. The patient data and the parameters of the ordered dentures, as well as their planned try-in and handover dates are automatically synchronized. The process organizer ensures accurate capacity planning, automated salary calculation of dental technicians, task prioritization, transparency and predictable laboratory operation.

  • simplified touch screen use
  • management and follow-up of dental laboratory work processes
  • prioritizing works
  • assignment of a colleague to the task
  • scheduling and resource planning
  • lab capacity tracking
  • automated workflow
  • material and goods movement tracking
  • cost and salary calculation, related statistics
  • synchronization with the clinic's digital lab worksheet
  • identification and tracking of dental work based on QR code/barcode


Invoicing treatments is now fast, simple and transparent. The reception is not burdened even when they need to issue invoices for mutiple companies, since we help the invoicing with an automated process. A few clicks and you can send the invoice by e-mail or print it for your patient. The cash flow of the clinic is ensured by cash-register checkpoints, and it is also possible to manage advance payments and discounts. You and your colleagues can pay more attention to the patients, and can help you in the background processes.

  • several legal entities in one practice management system
  • automated invoicing based on the treatments completed
  • tracking uninvoiced treatments
  • invoicing in any language, currency, multiple payment methods
  • proforma, advance payment invoices
  • safe use of pre-defined discounts
  • advance discounts
  • health insurance company invoicing
  • cash-register management
  • list of invoices
  • automated printing of invoices
  • sending invoices by e-mail
  • accounting export