Electronic documents

We have already talked about increasing efficiency several times, but it is important to highlight any solution that increases the comfort of your patients in addition to your employees.

You no longer have to deal with the burden of paper-based transactions. Everything can be easily solved in a digitized form with the help of our electronic documents module, which enables sustainable data storage and includes many additional extras.

The documents can be sent either by e-mail addressed to the patient or handed over on a tablet, which are automatically assigned to the patient and saved upon completion.
In addition to performing administrative tasks quickly, it also provides your patients with the opportunity to study documents even at home in a relaxed environment, and if they have a patient portal, they can also access their documents in digitized form from their registered user account.
You can group the documents according to your needs and assign them to given treatments. You can send out several information sheets and consent forms related to the actual treatment with the push of a button. Your patient's data is automatically filled in during the creation of the electronic document as well.